Cutting Board Production

We have a long tradition of producing high-quality cutting boards. The Dania and Sild collections undertake a long production but the process is vital in order to create the best quality with responsibility.

Many years ago we realized that at one of our factories we had many end teak slats leftover from the production of our bigger pieces of furniture. That's how our Dania and Sild cutting boards came into the picture. They are constructed of teak slats primarily from the left-over teak from our other products. We're proud of this because it is an example of a small scale circular initiative case and a great way to minimize waste in production. 

Each slat is carefully selected by hand to create the most beautiful cutting board. All the teak slats are then glued together and put into a pressure machine. Afterwards, they are processed into the final design - then oiled and set to dry.

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