Reykjavik Daybed
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Designed by Included Middle

Reykjavik Re-wool is an update of our existing Reykjavik Daybed. Margrethe Odgaard, who is one of the designers, has also created the sustainable Re-wool textile collection for Kvadrat. The textile is made out of left-over fabrics and designed in a warm and rich colour palette. The tuned palette naturally communicates with the materials of any given context creating a harmonious and long-lasting colour scheme that complement each other. The Re-wool version of Reykjavik Daybed is a contemporary furniture protagonist with its frame in solid German Douglas Pine, muted colours and the fact that you can flip the cushions to create several different looks.

Re-wool / Mixed Colors
Douglas Pine
WxDxH: 200x73,5x38 cm / Seat H: 38 cm
Item no. 1560021
Reykjavik Daybed

WxDxH: 80x15x205 cm
Weight: 15 kg
Material & product care
  • Proper usage and maintenance

    Proper usage and maintenance is vital for getting the most out of the valuable resources we have. Our designs are made to last for generations, but just like everything else, they need a little care to get there.

  • Re-wool

    The Re-wool fabric consist of 45% recycled wool - reusing the scraps leftover from Kvadrat’s own production. It has along with a sustainable quality the many benefits of wool, including the ability to absorb/give off humidity supplying the cushion with a sublime comfort.

    Washing instructions
    For daily cleaning lightly brush away or vacuum any loose dirt from the material. Remember to use a proper attachment to avoid pilling. Immediately remove spills to avoid them from staining. We recommend using an absorbent napkin or a cloth to quickly absorb any spilled liquids. The Re-wool fabric may only be dry-cleaned. However, most spots can be removed with lukewarm water and a mild wool detergent. Use only a small amount of detergent and dry up with an absorbent cloth afterwards.

  • Cold Foam

    Cold foam is a form stable foam with high elastic properties, which makes it a good choice for cushions and pads. The foam provides a firm and comfortable support.

  • Wadding

    Fibre Wadding is used as an instrument to obtain the intended aesthetic expression as well as reaching the right comfort level in the cushions. Wadding is made of carded thin polyester fibres and is mainly used in Skagerak cushions as a secondary filling.

  • Douglas Pine

    Skagerak’s Douglas Pine comes from Schwarzwald, a forested mountain range in the southern part of Germany. The straight and wide trunk of the Douglas Pine makes it suitable for custom-made, solid wood furniture

    Cleaning and maintenance
    Douglas Pine is a living material. As it comes untreated, it may react to grease, colorants, changes in air humidity, and water. We’ll therefore give you a sanding sponge for easy treatment in case of the surface has risen a bit before unpacking or happens to swell after cleaning. Use it with the following instructions:

    1. Sand the surface in the direction of the grain to achieve the best result.
    2. After sanding, clean the surface with a damp cloth and dry it off with a kitchen towel.
    3. It may take 1-2 repetitions before all grains are cut down.

    After unpacking your product, small amounts of resin extraction may occur from the wood. It can quickly be removed with a little denatured alcohol.
    Also, minor cracks can appear over time due to changes in the living natural wood.

    Extra finish
    We recommend to saturate the wood with soap or a suitable furniture oil to make it more resistant. Be aware that the wood will change colour when applying soap or oil.