Time has come to stop the linear thinking and start putting stuff into circulation. To design things that can be repaired, reused, decomposed and regenerated. We have worked on initiatives that make it easier for customers to make the right decisions.


Reclassic is our circular initiative. We want to make it easier
to pass on used furniture – what may become unsuited for
one person can become a Reclassic for someone else.

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RENT is Skagerak’s rental service that makes it easy to
furnish your outdoor space while at the same time acting
responsibly. RENT ensures the furniture a long lifespan
where they are re-rented and used again and again.

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Care & Repair

We offer expert guidance on the best care and maintenance
of our products. Spare parts are available for almost all of
our designs, so you can fix your design if something becomes

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5 year warranty

At Skagerak, long-lasting design means long-lasting life, we
believe that all our furniture should live and be enjoyed for as
long as possible. We want to empathize this by having a fiveyear
guarantee on our products.