7. Responsible workplace

Our impact work is a big part of our everyday work life at Skagerak. Many things can be measured - like CO2 emissions and waste sorting, but we believe that not everything that matters can be measured. For example, our relationships with external partners or the impact our employees create when they participate in volunteer work. Measurable or not, everyone in our team can do something to improve the way we do business. 


At Skagerak, all employees are encouraged to do volunteer work in their local community. All types of activities are welcome, and in the past years our colleagues have organized local sports activities for children, collected waste in parks and forests, supported Ældre Sagen and much more...


Small everyday actions can create measurable impact. Waste sorting is one way we can bring down our CO2e footprint in our offices and warehouses, so we work hard to reduce our residual waste and sort in as many fractions as possible. In our warehouses, we are particularly focused on re-using and recycling cardboard as this is our biggest waste fraction.  

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