Shipping to: Denmark/DKK
RENT is Skagerak’s rental service that makes it easy to furnish your outdoor space while at the same time acting responsibly. RENT ensures the furniture a long lifespan where they are re-rented and used again and again. 

How it works

1. Choose

Furnish your outdoor space while acting responsibly. Browse through our portfolio of Skagerak outdoor classics and choose your favourites.

2. Enjoy!

The furniture is yours to enjoy for a minimum of three months. Your rental will be delivered straight to your address, ready to use.

3. Return or buy-out

Enjoy the furniture for as long as you want. Once the rental period ends, we will pick them up – unless you love them so much that you decide to buy them at a reduced price.

For rent

About RENT

RENT gives you the benefit of changing your furniture regularly, while at the same time acting responsibly. Perhaps you want to be certain that the furniture is a perfect fit before you purchase them – or maybe you only wish to rent them for a season without the challenge of winter storage.

Our outdoor furniture is designed in the best of quality and built to last for generations. If you care for them, they only become more beautiful with age. When you rent, you prolong the lifespan of the furniture, because when you decide to stop, we restore and prepare them for the next family – keeping the sustainable orbit rolling.