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Rent your outdoor furniture 

RENT is Skagerak's new service that gives you the benefit of changing your furniture regularly, while at the same time acting responsibly. Perhaps you want to be certain that the furniture is a perfect fit before you purchase them – or maybe you only wish to rent them for the season without the challenge of winter storage.

Our outdoor furniture is designed in the best of quality and built to last for generations. If you care for them, they only become more beautiful with age. When you rent, you prolong the lifespan of the furniture, because when you decide to stop, we restore and prepare them for the next family – keeping the sustainable orbit rolling. 

We expect you to care for your Skagerak furniture, and we hope you integrate them into your active everyday life. If accidents happen, we've made sure that insurance is a part of the rental fee. 
A delivery and return service fee is added in your first payment. RENT is responsible for all transport back and forth. When your rental period ends, we prepare the furniture for a new home for the upcoming outdoor season. If you want to buy them, you can do so at a reduced price (retail price minus rent and freight).  

About Skagerak

At Skagerak, we set the bar high to develop furniture that is relevant in twenty years. Furniture that lives alongside our classics and is made with expert craftsmanship, consideration to the environment and a long-lasting aesthetic and quality. 
We support responsible production, transparent relations and proper work conditions and have been FSC™-certified since 2003. In 2011 we joined the UN's Global Compact Act, and in 2016 we became B Corp members. Skagerak is about creating sustainable products that patinate and accumulate stories over the years. In our world, great stories and good relations are essential, and we strive to make products that make it easy.