Shipping to: Denmark/DKK

How it works

1. Choose...

When you rent your outdoor furniture, you act responsibly and try something new at the same time. Browse through our selected portfolio of Skagerak's bestselling collections and click them into your basket. Remember to include cushions for added comfort.
A delivery and return service fee is included in your first payment. RENT is responsible for all transport back and forth. The furniture will be delivered to your preferred address and picked up when the rental period ends. Read about our delivery & return here.

2. Enjoy!

Rent the furniture for a minimum of three months and for as long as you want by paying a monthly fee that includes insurance.
RENT does not distinguish between new and used furniture. The rental fee is the same, whether you rent entirely new or used vintage furniture. As long as the furniture is adequately maintained, they have equal value.

We are confident that you will take care of your furniture. We expect nothing else, just as we expect you to make them part of your daily and active life. Wear and tear are a natural part of lived experience and Skagerak furniture is built to last. We've included an insurance policy in your rental fee in case you have an accident that is more severe than day to day wear.

3. Return or buy-out

Once you cancel your subscription and the rental period ends, we pick up your furniture and restore them. If you choose to buy them, you can do so at a reduced price (retail price minus rental fee and freight).

You can cancel your subscription with one month’s notice after the first three months. Read the conditions here.