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Mel The Bakery / New York City

Locals on the Lower East Side of Manhattan may have come across one of the newest additions to the neighbourhood, Mel The Bakery. A former lumber warehouse, travel agency, and then bar, today houses Nora Allen’s bakery supplying goods made from organic and local grains.

Gjorslev – modern life in an authentic castle

History, heritage and a growing friendship in the Danish castle that tea practitioner Mette Marie Kjær calls home.


To celebrate 40 years of Drachmann, we have created Anniversary Tote Bags made from leftover textiles of the Drachmann Anniversary Cushions.

Pelago and the archipelago / Note Design Studio

Living and working on the Stockholm archipelago, meant the architects and designers at Note Design Studio needed to look no further than their nearest pier to set the mood for the Pelago collection.


Rörbäck Forest Retreat, is an architectural paean to the relationship between man and nature, meticulously designed as a restorative home away from home.

The Living Forest / Rörbäck Part I / 2021

A day spent with forester Caspar Sandgren in the County of Halland in southern Sweden shows Skagerak’s owner and CEO Jesper Panduro how to turn his dream into reality.


On the western coast of Jeju, a lush volcanic island referred to as “the Hawaii of Korea”, a unique café project called In’s Mill has just seen the light of day.


At Skagerak, sustainability runs through our veins and lives in our hearts. For the past fifteen years, we have actively sought a sustainable path, and we genuinely believe that we can make the world a better place if we try harder – together. 


A Modernistic Masterpiece in Aalborg


Wine and burgers in rural city surroundings

Lilium: From idea to final result

Our new outdoor collection designed by BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group

Svinkløv Badehotel: Redesigning History

The seaside hotel Svinkløv Badehotel is a piece of Danish cultural history. Set by the rugged coast of the North Sea in the north of Jutland, the hotel is a stress-free environment surrounded by windswept dunes.

Yanagihara's Studio in Osaka

Skagerak visited the designer’s studio in central Osaka, Japan’s third-largest city and known for its lively local food scene, historical landmarks and amusement parks.

The Bright Light of Can Lis

Can Lis is part of the esteemed Danish architect Jørn Utzon’s legacy and is considered one of the most important works of residential architecture in the world.


In the small and picturesque village of S’Arraco in the south-west corner of Mallorca, Mia Lagerman found her retreat.

The Table Project

1616/arita japan - All the Way to Paris - Teruhiro Yanagihara - Skagerak

The home of Skagerak / 2019

Welcome to the home of Skagerak: Two years ago the couple behind Skagerak, Jesper and Vibeke Panduro, decided to pack their belongings and move their family of four to an old red villa in Denmark's fourth biggest city.

Skagerak Island Stories 2018 Bornholm

Read the magazine here

The Ice Cream Kalas / Island Stories 2018

Ice cream from organic and local ingredients – Sandvig, Bornholm.

Island Stories 2018 / The Ceramics Factory

In the town of Nexø, Bornholm has its own ceramics factory run by 19 creative enthusiasts with a burning passion for local and responsible production.

The Plantation / Island Stories 2018

For Bertil Ekstrøm, the plantation is not just a vision of growing organic and sustainable vegetables for many of Bornholm’s best restaurants.

Island Stories 2018 / Mikkel Karstad

How does Bornholm taste?

Island Stories 2017 / Sysne Udd

Forty-two years ago, Christer Jonson made one of the most important decisions of his life. He uprooted from his Stockholm apartment and moved to Gotland, where he built his own house...

Island Stories 2017 / The Wild Nature of Hamra

The most simple house you could imagine. Just as simple as the barn he and the family first dreamed of doing up as a summer home

Island Stories 2018 / Gudhjem

Just a stone’s throw from Gudhjem, you find one of the architectural gems of Bornholm. A house from the 1940s and former studio of the Danish painter Niels Lergaard.

Island Stories 2017 / Lauritse Farm, Boge

Island Stories 2017 / Faludden

At Faludden in southern Gotland stands an old mill, where Maria and her sister have a shared place to shelter in the midst of nature.