In the small and picturesque village of S’Arraco in the south-west corner of Mallorca, Mia Lagerman found her retreat. Built in the island’s traditional finca style the house seems to shut out all noise once you enter the gate and climb the stairs to the main house.

Even though the house is situated in the middle of the small village, it feels secluded and tranquil. The garden contains a small pool and surrounds the house with small plateaus that offer shady settings throughout the day. The view from the house is stunning, with the Tramuntana Mountains in the distance forming a dramatic backdrop for the church tower and village rooftops.

The garden has several small plateaus that offer a shady spot during the day or a place for dining with friends.

Mia felt an instant attraction to the house and the village of S’Arraco with its archetypal town square, tobacco shop, church and several small bars and restaurants.

‘I wanted to be part of village life, with neighbours, cafés and a church that people gather around. I fell for the house with its original Spanish finca style and magical garden. It reminds me of my childhood in Sweden – and of my mother and grandmother. I don’t know why. I truly love the tranquillity here and the varying moods of the village – off season, everything slows down, and during the summer there are a lot of people here, and life takes on a more hectic pace,’ says Mia.

‘I wanted to be part of village life, with neighbours, cafés and a church that people gather around'

The square, the centre of village life, is surrounded by trees and illuminated by night.

Mia and her family love to spend time on Mallorca, whether during the long summer holidays, when they have time to really settle in or off season, when life on the island is more sedate and local.

The interiors of the house are minimalistic, with a few pieces of furniture and selected personal objects, including a painting of Mia’s grandmother and the kitchen cupboard that Mia brought all the way from her rustic childhood farm in Småland, Sweden. Otherwise, the holiday home is a fusion of local Majorcan traditions and Mia’s Scandinavian heritage. Warm and simple. Earthy and clean. Charming and functional.

The kitchen cupboard is a childhood treasure that Mia moved to Mallorca from Sweden.
Mia’s grandmother is portrayed in this painting. She was a huge inspiration to Mia, and the house reminds Mia of her, so her portrait belongs naturally on the wall.
This metal chair was Mia’s first 1:1 draft of the design that later became Skagerak’s Mira series.

“The inspiration for the Mira Chair came partly from Mallorca, where metal is the preferred material for outdoor furniture.”

Life on the island is lived mainly outdoors, and the house is built of coloured sandstone that keeps the interior cool in summer. To Mia Lagerman, the house was a dream come true and a place where she has time to enjoy the contrast to her busy life in Copenhagen, where family, children, projects and colleagues take up most of her days.

In S’Arraco life is easy and without the strains of a busy schedule, even though the clock in the church tower strikes every hour – in S’Arraco, the bells seem to act as a reminder not to worry about time but simply let it pass, gently. What a wonderful thought …

Mira Chairs & Barriere Pillow

Mia Lagerman was born and raised in Sweden but has lived the past 25 years in Copenhagen, working as a designer in her own studio. Mia has a large number of international design brands in her portfolio and mainly designs furniture, commercial as well as one-off artistic pieces.

Mira Armchair and Mira Chair
The views from the house are varied and soothing. From the mountain ridge in the distance to the church tower and rooftops of her neighbours in S’Arraco nearby.