Design for generations

For more than 40 years we have been crafting a long-lasting design with a modern Nordic touch. Our collection consists of indoor and outdoor furniture, accessories and lighting and contains both classic pieces that have been with us for decades and new ones that have yet to write history.

We take pride in building long-standing and honest relations with our designers and suppliers that share our vision: To create products crafted in high-quality materials and pure aesthetics that is produced responsibly for people and the planet.

At Skagerak, we set the bar high to develop products made with sincere craftsmanship, environmental considerations and a universal aesthetic. We create furniture that is built to be used and to survive in the long run, so they patinate and accumulate stories. In our world, stories and relations are the most important thing, and we strive to make furniture that makes it easy and launch new concepts that can make it a reality. And that is something we are proud of.