Reclassic pieces are pre-loved Skagerak indoor and outdoor wooden furniture that we want to give a new chapter in an ongoing story. In this way we keep the valuable materials in circulation and live up to our promise to create furniture that lasts a lifetime.
The idea is not new, 
just common sense.
It is about maintaining,
caring for and getting the most
from our furniture.

About Reclassic

We want our furniture to stand the test of time – patinated with age, and if its owners need change, we encourage to pass it on to someone else in the local community for a new chapter in an ongoing story. We also offer to buy back Skagerak indoor and outdoor wooden furniture, which we carefully restore, and then re-sell as a Reclassic. In this way, we honour valuable materials, keep them in circulation and live up to our promise to create furniture that lasts a lifetime.

How it works

Reclassic online enables you to buy directly from us and have the furniture shipped to any of the countries shown on our webshop. The pieces may come from private homes or have been used for photoshoots, events or exhibitions. Their condition can vary and this is reflected in the price and shown clearly in the listing. Everything is restored by our team before being put up for resale.


We update Reclassic regularly with new arrivals. The price of Reclassic pieces depends on their condition but always represents a discount to the retail price of equivalent new ones. Explore available Reclassic here.


If you wish to sell Skagerak indoor or outdoor furniture, please email details with photos to A knowledgeable employee will assess and set a purchase price based on the condition, up to a maximum of 50 percent of today’s retail price.
For the price of your Skagerak vintage piece – stools, side tables, indoor and outdoor furniture – you can make a new purchase on All furniture must be handed in or shipped to our warehouse in Randers, Denmark.

All Reclassic furniture is maintained and repaired by the Skagerak team and then re-sold. In other words, we exchange old classics for new ones so that you go home with a contemporary piece that suits your new needs, while others can buy and enjoy your Reclassic for many years to come. A win-win-win for the world, for the climate and you.

We can receive your pre-loved wooden furniture in Europe. We hope to expand to the U.S. in the future.

E-mail photos to