Shipping to: Denmark/DKK

Delivery & return

Delivery Service

We strive to make your rental a pleasant experience at all levels. A delivery and return service fee of 1.390 DKK is included in your first payment, covering all transportation back and forth. We deliver your rental where you wish and handle all carrying, so the furniture is ready to use. You will be contacted by our carrier within 2 working days to arrange the time of delivery. The furniture will be delivered at your preferred address and picked up when the rental period ends. 
The delivery time is usually within 7 workdays, but depending on where you live, you can experience a maximum of 14 workdays. 

RENT is a Danish service at this time, as we only deliver to Danish addresses.

Return your furniture

You can cancel your subscription at any time, however, the first three months are binding. You always have one month's notice, if you wish to cancel your subscription. After the binding period of three months, the subscription automatically continues every month unless you cancel it manually.
To cancel your subscription send an email til Customer Service at Please remember to state your client number. You can find the client number on your invoice.
Once you cancel your subscription and the rental period ends, we pick up your furniture and restore them. You will be contacted 14 days before your rental period ends, to arrange a pick up time that suits you. 

Buy your furniture

It is possible to buy your rental furniture at a reduced price after the rental period ends. If you choose to buy the furniture, your reduced price will be the full retail cost minus the fee for all rented months and the delivery & return service fee. 

If you want to purchase the furniture, please contact Customer Service at