We’re planting a forest!

A big dream for Skagerak is finally a reality. We have bought 42 hectares of land in Denmark and in spring 2022 we are planting 90,000 trees. 

We’re doing this because we love wood, but also because we want to run our business in a way where we give back to our surroundings. For us, it is about taking responsibility and contributing positively where and when we can. A forest which, among other things, must ensure CO2 uptake, biodiversity and provide new nature experiences for the local population.

The forest is planted in collaboration with Hedeselskabet, which for 155 years has been the leading capacity within afforestation in Denmark. The area is a total of 42 hectares, of which trees are planted on the 24 hectares. The rest of the property will be used for initiatives that promote biodiversity and recreational purposes such as shelters, campfires, etc.

The planting will take place in spring 2022, and when the forest has grown, it will contain a diversity of tree types that ensure CO2 uptake, biodiversity and opportunities for recreational experiences.
“We’re naming the forest Johannelund. It’s the name of our daughter, who has been pushing for this initiative to happen since the first time she heard of it – but also because this forest isn’t for us – it takes years for a forest to grow and we most likely won’t benefit from this – it’s a forest for our children and all future generations to benefit from. The project is also a natural step on our journey towards becoming CO2 neutral in 2030.” – Jesper Panduro, CEO of Skagerak