We design quality furniture that inspires people to live well and think long-term. We believe in sustainable and straightforward beauty and collaborate with leading designers to create pieces we love ourselves, defined by honest materiality, clear expression, craftsmanship and functionality. 

Before launching a new product, we ask four questions:

Is it true in its form?
Is it aesthetically pleasing?
Are the materials used honestly?
Will it age with grace?

Yes, to all four equals great design.

“We have to be mindful of every decision in the design phase because not only the longevity but also the final footprint of our products are determined at this stage”

– Ditte Buus Nielsen,
Design Director


For more than 40 years our focus has been to design high-quality furniture that ages with grace and lasts for generations. Our collection consists of classic pieces that have been with us for decades and new ones that have yet to write history. 

Designed in 1982 our Drachmann Bench is a beautiful example of a piece of furniture that stands the test of time. Designed with a simple expression of classic details which makes it memorable and something to cherish and produced in hardwearing teak which patinates beautifully.

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