We design furniture that lasts for generations, our choice of materials is essential to ensure the longest possible life. We prefer to use certified materials like FSC-certified wood, which is grown under responsible conditions.

Responsible forest management

FSC is a global non-profit organization that ensures responsible forestry. The FSC™ certification ensures that no more trees are being felled than the forest can reproduce, and that biodiversity is respected. Forest owners are obliged to hire local workers and provide them with proper education, equipment and salary. This empowers workers and local communities as well as improves the protection of their rights. FSC also works towards ending illegal logging and sustaining the growth of forests worldwide.

Skagerak and Fritz Hansen share the same FSC™ certification license: C120451.

Where does our wood come from?

Our teak furniture is primarily made from FSC-certified teak from Indonesia, Brazil and Costa Rica. For our oak furniture we use FSC-certified wood from Germany, Croatia and Slovenia. 

Why teak?

The majority of our teak comes from Indonesia where we can source high-quality FSC-certified teak. With longevity as a top priority, we prefer to use teak for most of our outdoor furniture, as it is highly weather and rot-resistant and therefore, a great choice for outdoor furniture. Teak is a heavy, hard, and sturdy type of wood, it's easy to maintain and requires little care. The high content of natural oils makes it evenly grained, more weather resistant, and longer lasting than other wood types. Core teak gets better with age, weathered silvery grey and as strong as the day the furniture was made.


Skagerak has been FSC-certified since 2003, our total percentage of certified wood is currently at 93%. We are now working together with Fritz Hansen to ensure 100% certified wood in our production by 2025. 
Using certified wood in production is the closest we can come to ensuring a more responsible production. We encourage you, as a consumer, to choose certified wood products. This way you are helping to care for the world’s forests for generations to come. By supporting companies that care about responsible forest management, you are encouraging others to do the same. 

Outdoor textiles

Skagerak’s outdoor cushions are made to last – just like the furniture they are designed to accompany. Through our choice of materials they are designed to withstand wind and weather as the upholstery fabrics are extremely colour and lightfast as well as water and dirt-repellant.


We care that you care! Find guides on how to maintain and take care of your furniture. We want to do our part by helping you to prolong the lifetime of your furniture because it matters whether a chair lives for 10, 20 or 30 years.

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