We’re on a mission to minimize the environmental footprint of our packaging. We focus on responsibly sourced materials, reducing volumes and minimizing the types of different materials to make it easier for our customers to recycle. 

5 principles to minimize the footprint of our packaging: 

1. Get it there safely
Our packaging must ensure that all products arrive in perfect condition. A damaged or broken product is the least sustainable scenario.

2. Better materials
We prioritize responsibly sourced materials, like cardboard boxes from responsible forestry or re-use boxes from our warehouse.

3. Does it make a difference?
We measure the CO2e footprint when considering new packaging solutions.

4. Less is more
We use as few different materials as possible to make it easy for you to recycle.

5. Innovative solutions
We explore new sustainable packaging solutions like smarter ways to pack our products and materials with a lower footprint. 


Skagerak Repack is about packing our products in a smarter way to avoid unnecessary consumption. All the way from our suppliers to you.

We ship our products more efficiently from our suppliers to you. For example, we pack more chairs in one box. If a customer buys one, we repack the chair in a used or locally produced box. This reduces CO2 emissions both in terms of shipping space and packaging materials. 

If we receive a returned item in damaged packaging, we repack the product in a previously used or locally produced box.

We use box filling from used or damaged cardboard boxes: This solution reduces CO2 emissions and makes good use of recycled materials. 


Less is more when it comes to sustainable packaging. In 2021 we optimized our packaging for all our large outdoor cushions, which resulted in 35% less plastic used per cushion. This solution has saved many kg of plastic per year.

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