Baghaven: Where history and modern aesthetics hang out

Ancher’s House is the former home of the famous artists Michael and Anna Ancher. The garden is one of the most historical gardens in Denmark and in this oasis lies the bakery “Baghaven”. 

Baghaven is a wordplay on “bake garden” but is also danish for a backyard. A name that expresses everything they want their space to be: A place where you can be free. Use two stools as a goal and play football or explore the kitchen garden with 50 edible varieties of herbs, flowers and vegetables. The front yard is the facade. The backyard is intimate and private.
The famous painters, Michael and Anna Ancher moved into the house with a big blossoming garden in May 1884. The garden has since been well looked after and today it still stands beautifully with the same old apple tree in front of the house.
Ancher’s garden used to be a hidden gem in Skagen, a place no one knew was there. Baghaven has together with Skagen’s Museum turned it into a public space for everyone to enjoy. They have re-established the historical kitchen garden and use the herbs and flowers in their pastries.
The garden is filled with benches that encourage people to sit and enjoy rays of sunshine, maybe with a purpose – or maybe without any at all. Two years ago, Skagerak met the people behind Baghaven at a vernissage at Skagen’s Museum. They promised to visit the sourdough bakery the next day and fell in love with the garden, the concept and the people – which then turned into a long-lasting friendship.

Baghaven is open every day from the 1st of June to the 31st of August. And on the weekends in September and October.

40 Years of Drachmann

This year we are celebrating 40 years of our Drachmann collection. The collection is a synonym with the furniture of Skagen. The robust collection is well-suited for the local weather because it is impossible for the wind to move it. A necessity in Skagen where the wind tends to tilt outdoor furniture and blow away umbrellas. Skagerak furniture is a great match as the furniture resembles a contemporary take on Skagen, a mix of history and modernity.

To honour the old and the new we have re-launched the classic round Drachmann Table and launched two new striped cushions tailormade for the bench and chair. The striped cushions are available in two colourways and evoke contemporary Skagen and the art produced by the renowned Skagen painters who were inspired by how the bright colours and light came together.

Read more about the start of our Drachmann Collection here
The Drachmann Collection at Restaurant 'Blink' in Skagen. Is located close to Skagen's Lighthouse and Grenen, which the most northern point of Denmark where Skagerrak and Kattegat meet. 
The Drachmann collection is well-suited for the local weather because it is impossible for the wind to move it.

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