Island Stories 2017 / The Wild Nature of Hamra

The most simple house you could imagine. Just as simple as the barn he and the family first dreamed of doing up as a summer home, but were never able to find. A house with a generous open space, many sleeping places, food workspace in the middle, toilet and shower outside ... And not much else, beyond the wild nature of Gotland, which was supposed to be visible from all sides. This was the idea behind Morten Johansson’s summer residence,

– The house has openings facing all corners of the world: a window to the North, glass doors facing East, West and South, all in the same size and in no order of priority.

Located on the southernmost tip of Gotland in the town of Hamra, designed by Morten himself and built in collaboration with local contractor Allan Wahlby, who himself only lives a few kilometers north of Hamra.

"To design and construct your own house is a joyful thing"

“To design and construct your own house is a joyful thing when allowed to be a slow and ever-changing process. It has been an ongoing dialogue with a rare skilled and very interested contractor with whom we have developed new ideas on an ongoing basis. This has led to a better final result.”

The house was built over the course of three summers a lot of work being done with the help of some wonderful friends. Sometimes the work was just left to the simple passage of time, as in the case of the high steel bar that traverses the house.

Its installation was postponed and it was therefore left in the blacksmith's yard for two years. The passing of time, wind and weather gave it a surface that it is not normally possible to order.