Island Stories 2018 / The Ceramics Factory

In the town of Nexø, Bornholm has its own ceramics factory run by 19 creative enthusiasts with a burning passion for local and responsible production.

The Ceramics Factory, in Nexø

In 2016, Den Danske Keramikfabrik opened with the goal of establishing a production facility where experience and knowhow could remain under Danish ownership. The factory is owned by an association of 19 ceramic artists and designers who enjoy sharing a platform where they can discuss methods, materials and business. The two owners are Jelena Nordentoft and Ditte Reckweg, who run the Stilleben design stores in central Copenhagen.

According to them, quality is something you have to work hard on to achieve. By having a local production, you are able to control and ensure a high quality of your products. A local facility provides room for creativity too, allowing flexibility, knowledge-sharing, and testing of new clay types or glazes.

“In our view, mass production and mindless consumption are outdated concepts. People want to take responsibility. This is what makes the production here so special; It is both modern and visionary. We can help each other out and tell our own stories of unique produced ceramics. And then we make a contribution to the island of Bornholm,” Jelena explains.

Ditte and Jelena from Stilleben, sitting outside the Factory, on Plank Bench

“We have always had a dream of producing our own stuff since we are both trained as ceramic designers.”