Skagerak Island Stories 2018 Bornholm

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Wise men and woman have said that if we don’t know where we are coming from, we don’t know where we are going either. That’s why we do Stories. To challenge what we think we know about ourselves and find our ‘Scandinavian roots’.

Since our first Stories magazine was launched in 2013, we’ve been exploring the incredible nuances of life, geography and craftsmanship in the Nordic region. We scratch beneath the surface, embrace the many contradictions and try to answer what separates us and ties us together at the same time through a common history and contemporary society.

This year, we turn our attention to Bornholm - Denmark’s Baltic gem. Located far from the rest of Denmark in the Baltic Sea, Bornholm’s unique geography and climate have given it nicknames such as the ‘sunshine island’ and ‘rocky island’.

In Island Stories Bornholm we look into the Island mentality, the link between craftsmanship and sustainability and Bornholm’s distinctive gastronomy. We bring anecdotes from life as a ‘bornholmer’ and pass on the best tips for what to see and do when you visit the island.