The home of Skagerak / 2019

Welcome to the home of Skagerak owners Jesper and Vibeke Panduro.

The red villa is located in Aalborg and was built back in 1928

Two years ago the couple behind Skagerak, Jesper and Vibeke Panduro, decided to pack their belongings and move their family of four from an idyllic country house with a greenhouse and chickens, to an old red villa in Denmark's fourth biggest city. The villa is located in Aalborg and was built back in 1928. After years living in a smaller village they longed for the perks of living in a city, such as being close to the office, school and shops. Once they moved they swapped their two cars for bikes and an electric car, which is used on rare occasions.

Jesper and Vibeke Panduro in their dinning room. Vibeke at our Hven Armchair

Jesper and Vibeke live with their two kids, Simon and Johanne

When Jesper and Vibeke renovated the house, their main focus was to preserve and recreate as much as possible. They managed to keep original details, such as the old radiators, the marble window sills and the cassette ceiling in the living room

Skagerak is a Danish design company with roots deeply grounded in Scandinavian design and tradition for good craftsmanship.

Pastel painted walls throughout the house.

If Vibeke has to give one piece of advice to anyone renovating their home, it will be to make bold choices - she says "those are the details you will come to love the most."

Vibeke's green marble countertop. Shown here with our Dania Cutting Board and series designed by Stilleben, Edge Teapot and Edge Pot

We asked Vibeke a few questions about her home, values and design choices…

What do you prioritize when purchasing new furniture?
We actually don't buy new furniture very often. Almost all of the furniture came with us when we moved into our new house and we sold some with the old house. However, we did want a new dining table, which we were fortunate enough to get designed by Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm and produced locally by a Danish carpenter. The table is unique, beautiful and can certainly be passed on to our children. It's a table where we can sit 4 or 12 people. I definitely prioritize that the furniture I purchase is beautiful and good craftsmanship. I also appreciate when it's Danish designed and produced.

"Invest in furniture built to last, designs that are well-built and well-crafted"
- Vibeke

Dining Table with more designs from our Edge Collection. Designed by Stilleleben and inspired by an ancient Greek-Egyptian tradition for craftsmanship which is reflected in the amphora-inspired foot.

One thing we can change for a more sustainable 2019?
I think it's important that each of us think sustainability into our everyday lives. It can be very small changes, such as carefully considering your purchases and investing in furniture built to last – designs that are well-built and well-crafted. Break the cycle of buying into unnecessary trends and unsustainable quick fixes. Invest in furniture that you absolutely love and eventually can pass on to the next generation. Another tip is to think about giving gifts that will be used over and over again - gifts that the receiver will have and love for many years.

What are you most satisfied with / proud of in your home?
I love that our Wishbone chairs (Y-stole) are 50 years old. They are heirlooms from my mother and they are beautiful, patinated and have most certainly experienced many parties and laughs.

Reykjavik Daybed in the hall, ready for when you need a quick break.
The soft Iota Blanket designed by Included Middle

"We encourage everyone to start thinking more about where their products are made, what they are made of and not least under what circumstances"
- Jesper

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