The Table Project

1616/arita japan - All the Way to Paris - Teruhiro Yanagihara - Skagerak

The Table Project is the name of the unique collaboration between Skagerak, All the Way to Paris and the renowned Japanese porcelain brand 1616/arita japan that is launched during 3daysofdesign. All the 100 pieces from the Japanese designer Teruhiro Yanagihara’s versatile tableware collection, which can be mixed in endless combinations, are hand-painted by the Danish design studio All the Way to Paris.

The colours are Japanese: blue, red and brown, and the concept is based on the notion of a family unit.

All the Way to Paris has dived into the company archives of 1616/arita japan and their 400-year-old heritage and interpreted the inspiration in a contemporary idiom – partly as illustrations shaped by the negative space around the decorations and partly as stencils based on erotic Japanese motifs. The colours are Japanese: blue, red and brown, and the concept is based on the notion of a family unit, even though the individual parts differ in colour, expression and size.

Tenugui Cloths
As an extra detail to The Table Project, Tenugui clothes have also been produced. Tenugui is a type of traditional Japanese cloth made from cotton. Its histrory can be traced back to the Heian Period (794 – 1192). For The Table Project, All The Way To Paris collaborated with Japanese tenugui producer Kamawanu who uses very traditional and unique dyeing technique called “Chusen”. The The Table Project tenugui cloths are dyed by hand.

'1616/arita japan is a contemporary brand with a long and strong tradition for production and craftmanship that goes well with Skagerak’s long-term perspective on design. Our decorations and motifs are also hybrids of history, craft and storytelling and thus suit both companies well,’ says designer and partner Petra Gendt from All the Way to Paris.

About 1616/arita japan

Arita is a village on the island of Kyushu in the south of Japan, known for its porcelain. The main company 1616/arita japan was founded 400 years ago and is renowned for its delicate yet hardy porcelain created on crushed local stone.

In 2016 the company established the independent contemporary brand 1616/arita japan to celebrate its anniversary. For the launch, 16 international designers were invited to create new designs that were exhibited during Milan Design Week the same year.

Teruhiro Yanagihara is an architect and designer who has his own studio in addition to being Head of Design for 1616/arita japan. He created the tableware that All the Way to Paris selected pieces from for The Table Project.

‘Skagerak, which is known for its warm expression and simple aesthetic, is a great fit for 1616/arita japan. When I visited Denmark, I experienced how well our tableware matches the Scandinavian design philosophy and saw an opportunity to collaborate,’ explains Teruhiro Yanagihara.

"This collaboration means a lot to us, as we feel a close bond to Japanese aesthetic, craftmanship and values. That is also how we feel about All The Way To Paris, which have acted as our creative directors for many years. We believe in relations and in the opportunity to play and create something special, like The Table Project," says Skagerak owner Vibeke Panduro.

The Table Project launches during 3daysofdesign
"The decorations and motifs are also hybrids of history, craft and storytelling" - All the Way to Paris
Tenugui cloths by All the Way to Paris

The Table Project will launch May 23rd during 3 Days of Design